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My primary care doctor doesn’t accept auto insurance or PIP?

Most people do not understand that their primary care doctor will not accept PIP coverage to pay for their appointment if they were injured in a car or motorcycle accident. Your PIP coverage becomes your primary insurance for the injuries you suffered from the accident and most primary care doctors do not accept auto insurance.

Auto insurance claims can be problematic for doctor’s offices who are not accustomed to submitting bills to auto insurance companies. The auto insurance companies have a very narrow window that allows the doctors to submit bills for payment. If these bills are not submitted within that very narrow time period and do not conform to their requirements and the requirements for Florida statute the insurance company will refuse to pay the bill and the doctor will not be paid for your visit.

This is the reason that specialty offices are necessary to treat persons injured in car or motorcycle accidents. These specialty offices, most likely chiropractors, deal with billing auto insurance on a regular basis and understand how to submit the bill and the time constraints involved.

These issues make it very frustrating for you as you did nothing to cause the car or motorcycle crash. You call your primary care doctor, the doctor you are most familiar with, and they tell you that they cannot treat you because of the car crash. This is very frustrating and seems like the doctor is pawning you off but trust me they are not. Most primary care doctors will refer you to a facility that works with auto insurance.

Some facilities like to know that you are represented by an attorney so that in the event an issue arises with the insurance company the attorney is already involved. If you have questions or need to know of a doctor that accepts auto insurance in Brevard County, please give me a call and I can provide a list to you.

I can always be reached at (321) 926-8002.