Injuries and Herniations

Herniated discs are probably the most common injury resulting from a car crash. Disc herniations are also one of the most nagging and debilitating injuries you can experience.

Think of the disc like a jelly donut between the vertebrae. The disks can move forward, backwards, sideways, or can simply protrude out in either direction. The disc can also rupture or cause the jelly to leak out. The disc protruding from the vertebrae is the herniation and a loss of the jelly causes the vertebrae to lose height and move closer together. The herniated disc may come into contact or touch the nerve roots or spinal cord and can cause pain in the area of the herniation or numbness down the arms or legs.

A doctor with experience in car crash injuries can most often tell what level the herniation is at according to where the pain or numbness is radiating. If the pain or numbness is radiating into the arms it is most likely an injury near your neck or your cervical spine. The same goes for low back injuries or your lumbar spine as the pain will typically radiate into your buttocks, legs, and/or knees.

These injuries also make simple tasks such as sitting in the chair or walking difficult and painful. A herniation can also make sleeping nearly impossible as no matter which position you get into it is painful and uncomfortable. Sometimes placing a pillow between your knees can relieve some of this pain.

One of the most common misunderstandings is that you can’t sufferer from a herniated disc in a low speed impact crash also known as a fender bender. This argument has been disproving by countless studies and crash tests. We know this not to be true as even a five mile per hour impact can cause injury to your muscle tissue and has potential to cause serious disc herniations. The older you get the more likely you will suffer injury from a low speed impact.

If you work a manual labor job these types of injuries can cause a significant loss in income and the loss of employment. It is hard to be a bricklayer or truck driver when every movement causes pain and the pain seems to never want to go away.

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